Help and Usage

This page explains how to use the search feature as well as detailing about services and Web Technologies the system maps.


  • Web Technologies are only extracted from http/https based discoveries.
  • The system currently discards any html results from http/https request, long story short in testing i discovered some .onions html breaks stuff.


The search feature is very basic, however it does have some special operators.
Each of the Services below can be used with the service: operator.
Example: service:http

You can expand this query by adding :nginx making the query look like service:http:nginx.
Example: http:nginx

You may also search for Web Technologies using the 'apps'operator.
Example apps:nginx

You may also search for Operating Systems using the 'os'operator.
Example os:ubuntu

You may also search for Servers using the 'server'operator.
Example server:nginx

You may also search for Titles using the 'title'operator.
Example title:index


Each .onion indexed by the system will under go continuous monitoring for changes, each scan is saved as a archive - archives can be seen on a .onion information page.


The system gathers .onion urls from various well known crawler databases.


Name Port
ftp 21
ssh 22
telnet 23
smtp 25
dns 53
gohper 70
http 80
http_alt 81
pop3 110
imap 143
https 443
smtp_tls 465
smtp_alt2 2525
rsync 873
imap_tls 993
pop3_tls 995
smtp_tls_alt2 2526
mysql 3306
xmpp 5222
xmpp_tls 5223
xmpp_alt 5269
xmpp_bosh 5280
postgres 5432
vnc 5800
vnc_alt 5900
redis 6379
ircd 6667
ircd2 6661
ircd_tls 6697
xmpp_alt2 8010
http_alt2 8080
http_alt3 8081
https_alt 8443
elastic 9200
tcp 9878
ircd_tls2 9999
webmin 10000
usermin 20000
memcache 11211
mongo 27017

Web Technologies

Name Category
1C-Bitrix cms
1und1 ecommerce
2z Project cms
3dCart cms
3DM miscellaneous
3ware web-servers
Accessible Portal cms
AddThis widgets
AdInfinity advertising-networks
Adobe ColdFusion web-frameworks
Adobe CQ5 cms
Adobe GoLive editors
Adobe RoboHelp documentation-tools
AdRiver advertising-networks
Advanced Web Stats analytics
Akamai cdn
AlloyUI javascript-frameworks
Amaya editors
amCharts javascript-graphics
Ametys cms
Amiro.CMS cms
AMPcms cms
Anchor CMS cms
AngularJS javascript-frameworks
AOLserver web-servers
Apache web-servers
Apache Hadoop databases
Apache HBase databases
Apache JSPWiki wikis
Apache Tomcat web-servers
Apache Traffic Server web-servers
Apache Wicket web-frameworks
AppNexus advertising-networks
Arc Forum message-boards
AsciiDoc cms
ATEN web-servers
Atlassian Confluence wikis
Atlassian Jira issue-trackers
AWStats analytics
Backbone.js javascript-frameworks
Banshee cms
basket.js javascript-frameworks
BaseHTTP web-servers
Bigcommerce ecommerce
BigDump database-managers
Bigware ecommerce
BittAds advertising-networks video-players
Blogger blogs
Boa web-servers
Bonfire web-frameworks
Brother printers
BrowserCMS cms
BugSense analytics
Bugzilla issue-trackers
Burning Board message-boards
Business Catalyst cms
Canon printers
CakePHP web-frameworks
Cargo cms
Catwalk web-servers
CentOS operating-systems
CFML programming-languages
CacheFly cdn
Chameleon cms
Chamilo lms
Chartbeat analytics
Cherokee web-servers
CherryPy web-frameworks
Chitika advertising-networks
CKEditor rich-text-editors
Cloudera databases
ClickHeat analytics
ClickTale analytics
Clicky analytics
CloudFlare cdn
CMS Made Simple cms
CMSimple cms
CO2Stats analytics
CodeIgniter web-frameworks
CodeMirror miscellaneous
Commerce Server ecommerce
CompaqHTTPServer web-servers
comScore analytics
Concrete5 cms
Connect web-frameworks
Contao cms
Contenido cms
Contens cms
ContentBox cms
ConversionLab analytics
Contact Form 7 blog-plugins
Coppermine photo-galleries
Cosmoshop ecommerce
Cotonti cms
CouchDB web-servers
cPanel hosting-panels
CPG Dragonfly cms
Crazy Egg analytics
Cross Pixel analytics
CS Cart ecommerce
CubeCart ecommerce
Cufon font-scripts
Chrome Frame web-frameworks
D3 javascript-graphics
Dancer web-frameworks
Danneo CMS cms
Darwin operating-systems
DataLife Engine cms
David Webbox web-servers
Debian operating-systems
debut web-servers
DedeCMS cms
Dell printers
Demandware ecommerce
DHTMLX javascript-frameworks
DirectAdmin hosting-panels
Discourse message-boards
Disqus comment-systems
Django web-frameworks
Django CMS cms
Dojo javascript-frameworks
Dokeos lms
DokuWiki wikis
Dotclear cms
DotNetNuke cms
Doxygen documentation-tools
DTG cms
DreamWeaver editors
Drupal cms
Drupal Commerce ecommerce
dwhttpd web-servers
Dynamicweb cms
e107 cms
EdgeCast cdn
eHTTP web-servers
ELOG miscellaneous
ELOG HTTP web-servers
Eloqua marketing-automation
Ember.js javascript-frameworks
Embedthis-http web-servers
E-Merchant ecommerce
Enyo javascript-frameworks
EPiServer cms
EPrints miscellaneous
Erlang programming-languages
eSyndiCat cms
EWS-NIC4 web-servers
Exhibit javascript-graphics
Express web-frameworks
Koa web-frameworks
total.js web-frameworks
ExpressionEngine cms
ExtJS javascript-frameworks
eZ Publish cms
Fact Finder search-engines
FAST ESP search-engines
FAST Search for SharePoint search-engines
Fat-Free Framework web-frameworks
Fedora operating-systems
Fireblade cdn
FlashCom web-servers
Flask web-frameworks
FlexCMP cms
FluxBB message-boards
Flyspray issue-trackers
Font Awesome font-scripts
FreeBSD operating-systems
FreeTextBox rich-text-editors
FrontPage editors
FWP ecommerce
Gallery photo-galleries
Gambio ecommerce
Gauges analytics
Gentoo operating-systems
Get Satisfaction issue-trackers
GetSimple CMS cms
Ghost blogs
Glyphicons font-scripts
GoAhead web-servers
Google Analytics analytics
Google AdSense advertising-networks
Google App Engine web-servers
Google Charts javascript-graphics
Google Code Prettify miscellaneous
Google Font API font-scripts
Google Maps maps
Google PageSpeed cache-tools
Google Sites cms
Google Tag Manager miscellaneous
Google Wallet payment-processors
Google Web Toolkit web-frameworks
GoStats analytics
Graffiti CMS cms
Grandstream web-servers
Gravatar miscellaneous
Gravity Insights analytics
Green Valley CMS cms
G-WAN web-servers
GX WebManager cms
Handlebars javascript-frameworks
HeadJS javascript-frameworks
Hello Bar widgets
Hiawatha web-servers
tor_httpd web-servers
Highcharts javascript-graphics
Highstock javascript-graphics
Hippo cms
Hogan.js javascript-frameworks
Hotaru CMS cms
HP ProCurve network-devices
HubSpot marketing-automation
Hybris ecommerce
IBM Coremetrics analytics
IBM HTTP Server web-servers
IBM WebSphere Portal cms
IBM WebSphere Commerce ecommerce
iCongo ecommerce
IIS web-servers
ImpressCMS cms
ImpressPages cms
Incapsula cdn
Indexhibit cms
Indico cms
InProces cms
InstantCMS cms
IntenseDebate comment-systems
Intercom analytics
Intershop ecommerce
Ionicons font-scripts
IPB message-boards
iWeb editors
JAlbum photo-galleries
Jalios cms
Java programming-languages
Javascript Infovis Toolkit javascript-graphics
JavaServer Faces web-frameworks
JavaServer Pages web-frameworks
Java Servlet web-frameworks
JBoss Application Server web-servers
JBoss Web web-servers
Jekyll cms
Jetty web-servers
Jirafe analytics
Jo mobile-frameworks
JobberBase miscellaneous
Joomla cms
jqPlot javascript-graphics
jQTouch mobile-frameworks
jQuery javascript-frameworks
jQuery Mobile mobile-frameworks
jQuery Sparklines javascript-graphics
jQuery UI javascript-frameworks
JS Charts javascript-graphics
JTL Shop ecommerce
K2 miscellaneous
Kampyle analytics
Kendo UI web-frameworks
Kentico CMS cms
KineticJS javascript-graphics
KISSmetrics analytics
Knockout.js javascript-frameworks
Koego analytics
Kohana web-frameworks
Kolibri CMS cms
Komodo CMS cms
Koobi cms
Kooboo CMS cms
KS_HTTP web-servers
LabVIEW web-servers
Laravel web-frameworks
Leaflet maps
Less miscellaneous
libwww-perl-daemon web-servers
Liferay cms
Lift web-frameworks
Lightbox photo-galleries
LightMon Engine cms
lighttpd web-servers
LimeSurvey miscellaneous
LinkSmart advertising-networks
LiteSpeed web-servers
Livefyre comment-systems
LiveJournal blogs
LiveStreet CMS cms
Lockerz Share widgets
Locomotive cms
Lo-dash javascript-frameworks
Logitech Media Server web-servers
Lotus Domino web-servers
Lua programming-languages
M.R. Inc Webserver web-servers
M.R. Inc Wild CMS cms
Magento ecommerce
Mambo cms
MantisBT issue-trackers
ManyContacts widgets
Marketo marketing-automation
MathJax javascript-graphics
math.js javascript-frameworks
MaxSite CMS cms
MediaElement.js video-players
MediaTomb media-servers
MediaWiki wikis
Meebo widgets
Methode cms
Microsoft ASP.NET web-frameworks
Microsoft SharePoint cms
MiniBB message-boards
MiniServ web-servers
Mint analytics
Mixpanel analytics
Mobify mobile-frameworks
MOBOTIX webcams
MochiKit javascript-frameworks
Modernizr javascript-frameworks
MODx cms
mod_auth_pam web-server-extensions
mod_log_bytes web-server-extensions
mod_fastcgi web-server-extensions
mod_jk web-server-extensions
mod_perl web-server-extensions
mod_python web-server-extensions
mod_rack web-server-extensions
mod_rails web-server-extensions
mod_ssl web-server-extensions
mod_wsgi web-server-extensions
MoinMoin wikis
Mojolicious web-frameworks
Mollom captchas
Moment.js javascript-frameworks
Moment Timezone javascript-frameworks
Mondo Media ecommerce
Mongrel web-servers
MongoDB databases
Monkey HTTP Server web-servers
Mono web-frameworks cms
Moodle lms
Moogo cms
MooTools javascript-frameworks
Movable Type cms
Mozard Suite cms
Mura CMS cms
Mustache javascript-frameworks
MyBB message-boards
MyBlogLog widgets
Mynetcap cms
MySQL databases
Nedstat analytics
Nepso cms
Netmonitor analytics
Nette Framework web-frameworks
New Relic analytics
Nginx web-servers
node.js programming-languages
HERE maps
NOIX miscellaneous
nopCommerce ecommerce
NVD3 javascript-graphics
October CMS cms
Open AdStream advertising-networks
Open Web Analytics analytics
OneStat analytics
OpenCart ecommerce
openEngine cms
OpenGrok miscellaneous
OpenGSE web-servers
OpenLayers maps
OpenNemas cms
OpenSSL web-server-extensions
LibreSSL web-server-extensions
OpenText Web Solutions cms
Ophal cms
Optimizely analytics
Oracle Application Server web-servers
Oracle Recommendations On Demand analytics
osCommerce ecommerce
osCSS ecommerce
Outbrain widgets
OXID eShop ecommerce
papaya CMS cms
Pardot marketing-automation analytics
PayPal payment-processors
PDF.js miscellaneous
Percussion cms
PerfSONAR-PS miscellaneous
Perl programming-languages
Phaser javascript-frameworks
PHP programming-languages
phpAlbum photo-galleries
phpBB message-boards
phpCMS cms
phpDocumentor documentation-tools
PHP-Fusion cms
phpMyAdmin database-managers
PHP-Nuke message-boards
phpPgAdmin database-managers
phpSQLiteCMS cms
phpwind cms
Piwik analytics
Plentymarkets ecommerce
Plesk hosting-panels
Pligg cms
Plone cms
Plura miscellaneous widgets
Polymer javascript-frameworks
Posterous cms
Powergap ecommerce
Prefix-Free miscellaneous
Prestashop ecommerce
prettyPhoto photo-galleries
Project Wonderful advertising-networks
Prototype javascript-frameworks
Protovis javascript-graphics
punBB message-boards
Pure CSS web-frameworks
Python programming-languages
Quantcast analytics
Quick.Cart ecommerce
Quick.CMS cms
RackCache cache-tools
Raphael javascript-graphics
RBS Change cms
RCMS cms
RDoc documentation-tools
React javascript-frameworks
reCAPTCHA captchas
Red Hat operating-systems
Reddit message-boards
Redmine issue-trackers
Reinvigorate analytics
RequireJS javascript-frameworks
Reveal.js javascript-frameworks
RiteCMS cms
RoundCube web-mail
Ruby programming-languages
Ruby on Rails web-frameworks
S.Builder cms
Serendipity cms
SAP web-servers
Sarka-SPIP cms
Scala programming-languages javascript-frameworks
SDL Tridion cms
Sencha Touch javascript-frameworks
Sentinel Protection Server web-servers
Sentinel Keys Server web-servers
Sentinel License Monitor miscellaneous
Seoshop ecommerce
Shadow web-frameworks
ShareThis widgets
Shopalize widgets
Shopatron ecommerce
Shopify ecommerce
Shopware ecommerce
sIFR font-scripts
Silva cms
SilverStripe cms
SIMsite cms
Site Meter analytics
SiteCatalyst analytics
Sitecore cms
SiteEdit cms
Slimbox photo-galleries
Slimbox 2 photo-galleries
Smart Ad Server advertising-networks
SmartSite cms
Smartstore ecommerce
SMF message-boards
sNews cms
Snap.svg javascript-frameworks
Snoobi analytics
SOBI 2 miscellaneous
SobiPro miscellaneous
SoundManager javascript-frameworks
Solodev cms
SPDY miscellaneous
Sphinx documentation-tools
spin.js javascript-frameworks
SPIP cms
Spree ecommerce
SQL Buddy database-managers
SQLite databases
Squarespace cms
Squiz Matrix cms
StatCounter analytics
Store Systems ecommerce
Stripe payment-processors
SublimeVideo video-players
Subrion cms
SunOS operating-systems
Supersized photo-galleries
SUSE operating-systems
Scientific Linux operating-systems
Slackware web-servers
Splunk miscellaneous
Splunkd web-servers
SWFObject miscellaneous
swift.engine cms
Swiftlet web-frameworks
Textpattern CMS cms
three.js javascript-graphics
TiddlyWiki cms
Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware cms
Timeplot javascript-graphics
TinyMCE rich-text-editors
Titan advertising-networks
Tealeaf analytics
Tengine web-servers
TomatoCart ecommerce
Trac issue-trackers
Tumblr blogs
TWiki wikis
Twilight CMS cms
TwistPHP web-frameworks
Twitter Bootstrap web-frameworks
Typekit font-scripts
TypePad blogs
TYPO3 Flow web-frameworks
TYPO3 Neos cms
Ubercart ecommerce
Ubuntu operating-systems
uCore cms
UIKit web-frameworks
Umbraco cms
Underscore.js javascript-frameworks
UNIX operating-systems
UserRules issue-trackers
UserVoice issue-trackers
Ushahidi cms
Vanilla message-boards
Varnish cache-tools
vBulletin message-boards
VideoJS video-players
viennaCMS cms
Vignette cms
Vimeo video-players
VirtueMart ecommerce
VisualPath analytics
Visual WebGUI web-frameworks
Volusion ecommerce
Vox blogs
VP-ASP ecommerce
Vue.js javascript-frameworks
W3Counter analytics
W3 Total Cache cache-tools
Web2py web-frameworks
Webix javascript-frameworks
Web Optimizer analytics
webEdition cms
WebGUI cms
WebPublisher cms
Webs cms
Websale ecommerce
WebsiteBaker cms
WebsPlanet cms
Webtrekk analytics
Webtrends analytics
Weebly cms
WikkaWiki wikis
Windows Server operating-systems
Wink mobile-frameworks
Wix cms
Wolf CMS cms
WooCommerce ecommerce
Woopra analytics
WordPress cms
WordPress.Com cms
WordPress Super Cache cache-tools
Wowza Media Server media-servers
WP Rocket cache-tools
Xajax javascript-frameworks
Xanario ecommerce
X-Cart ecommerce
XenForo message-boards
AT Internet Analyzer analytics
AT Internet XiTi analytics
XAMPP web-servers
XMB message-boards
XRegExp javascript-frameworks
xtCommerce ecommerce
xui mobile-frameworks
YaBB message-boards
Yahoo Advertising advertising-networks
Yahoo! Ecommerce ecommerce
Yahoo! Web Analytics analytics
Yandex.Direct advertising-networks
Yandex.Metrika analytics
yepnope.js javascript-frameworks
YouTube video-players
YUI Doc documentation-tools
YUI javascript-frameworks
Zabbix miscellaneous
Zen Cart ecommerce
Zend web-servers
Zepto javascript-frameworks
Zeuscart ecommerce
Zinnia blogs
ZK web-frameworks
Zope web-servers
ZURB Foundation web-frameworks
WebCit web-frameworks
Twisted Web web-servers
cyclone web-servers
Raspbian web-servers
Mini httpd web-servers
thttpd web-servers
node static web-servers
CERN httpd web-servers
dovecot mail-servers
unreal irc-servers
ngircd irc-servers
charybdis irc-servers
RSYNCD data-servers
ircd-irc2 irc-servers
InspIRCd irc-servers
ratbox irc-servers
amazon operating-systems